This was a slave task written by Miss Laci’s slave, CEIslave. The content has not been altered in any way. This is not all-inclusive but was deemed well-written by Miss Laci. 

I have been given this task by Miss Laci, the one who owns me and is always keeping me on my toes. It is a short guideline for those who also consider themselves to be a sub and serving, or those wanting to serve. I have learned many lessons along my journey with Miss Laci and still find myself learning with each new session. So take a minute and please read through them as to not waste her time, or yours.

1.  Primary focus shall be to please Miss Laci, hoping that she finds me pleasing in all that I do, whether I am in her presence or not. Always obey her instructions and tasks that she may pass along to me.  Even if it is something you have no desire in doing, it shoud be done because Miss Laci has requested it of you.

2. I worship Miss Laci and her body.  The power and physique of Miss Laci fills me with awe. Just the sheer thought of her or the hearing of her voice gives me satisfaction. I enjoy speaking with her and hearing her thoughts and ideas, and look forward to peforming for her, for her satisfaction, not mine. Any pleasure that she gives me is earned and not expected or taken for granted.  My greatest satisfaction is realized when I know I have pleased Miss Laci. Miss Laci, always knows whats best.

3. I must always give thanks to myMiss Laci for all I am given or about to receive. What she has given me, for such things are gifts or privileges granted to me by her. I am an object to her, that is all.  I will always thank Miss Laci for the discipline and punishments I receive, specifying what I received and expressing the reason as to why I was given them.

4.  Miss Laci’s time is valuable to her. Dont beg, harrass, or annoyingly send her messages/pictures to keep in contact with her. If you choose to serve her send her one message and wait. Be precise and get to the point. If she is interested or has time, she will respond.

5. Never try to top Miss Laci from the bottom. Never try to manipulate Miss Laci so that it satisfies your fantasy, my pleasure and yours, should come from simply serving for Miss Laci. I never ask to see Miss Laci’s body or for her to perform for me. I peform for her, that is what pleases me.

6. Always be honest with Miss Laci. If your not honest with her, how can she be honest with you. Honesty and trust are essential in dominant / sub / slave relationship. If your not honest and open with Miss Laci , then its a fantasy your looking to fullfill.

7. Always offer your services if you can be of help. When Miss Laci requires assistance, She should not need to ask for it. A good slave will offer his services as a matter of course. Be the first to offer help, and the last to ask for it, and you will be in good graces. I should’ve come up with this short essay, long before Miss Laci assigned the task to me.

I would like to thank Miss Laci for giving me the opportunity to write this for her, and serve for her. I have learned many things about myself during our sessions  that I probally would have never learned on my own. I am more humble , I listen better, and have learned that I enjoy satisfiying others needs and that is what gives me the most pleasure.

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