Being a Sissy


Note: This is a blog entry written by Miss Laci’s good little girl,SissySlut, and no content has been altered in any way. 

I started to get interested in femine clothing back when I was a little kid sneaking into my sisters closet while they wasn’t home. I would try it on and wear it as long as I could before i had to take it off. 20 years later, I’m still have that same desire. Walking into a store and walking by the women’s clothing I would always ask myself… how will that look on me I wonder… Being a sissy is as far as I will able to go because of my size. So I have accepted that and continued on as that is my escape whenever I can . I don’t think I can ever get rid of that desire to sneak on a piece of feminine clothing just to see how it feels or how it looks. As well, just the attempt to act like a female as well while wearing that girly dress.  It’s always an exciting time and a rush that is there when you are able to do it.

I have been a closet sissy and really never plan to come out of it, I just like the feeling that is there when I  can get out of my shell and be someone else for a short while.
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