I’m a natural, I take very deep hollow drags, I do great dangles, French inhales, smoke rings, and so on. I love being watched while I’m smoking in public and it gets me off when I know I’m being watched. I enjoy smoking, It’s an art. I’m a non-smoker that was converted into a smoker. It’s amazing what love will do.

Smoking makes it super easy to tease weak beta males. I know I’m hot and I know how to seduce feeble-minded piggies.

Don’t waste my time- If you won’t pay upfront, or expect anything free, run along. Go to Pornhub, Google free porn. My exclusive attention comes at a price. No exceptions. My attention is valuable. What I do is a talent.

I am also a savvy tracker. I can find your personal contact information, your vanilla social media accounts, even your wife’s or girlfriend’s information, all in a snap. We wouldn’t want anyone finding out your dirty little secrets, now would we? Blackmail contracts are available with tribute. Come play with fire. I dare you.



or sarahgoddess777@gmail.com

Fetlife, friend add for serious submissives only: https://fetlife.com/users/7431347


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