Note: This is an excerpt by Miss Laci’s owned slave, named Dobby. No content was altered in any way.  Part 2 is expected soon. Enjoy. 


I never intended to meet Her. Life is complicated on its face and I didn’t need to find myself managing another unknown variable. Her suggestions of meeting were always laced with an undercurrent of innocence, but not the innocence one has from inexperience but one that was dressed in the same way that weather can exact leveling influence on a dime. “Just coffee” She said. “What is the harm in that?” She added.

I knew what the harm was. She is stunning and can slay the most confident of male with a certain look and a trademark smile. It didn’t help that She wasn’t wearing a bra and She knew it would be impossible to avert an eye. The “harm” She was referring to only She could define and by the way her nipples found increased definition under her shirt meant an uncertain future for me.

She had seen me in compromised states and I suddenly felt the awkwardness of what She could retrieve from Her memory banks at anytime while we spoke. She surely was doing just that because She would smirk mid-sentence as if a silent movie was playing simultaneously in Her head. In all likelihood She was replaying images of a damaged man doing things only damaged men do.

So there we were, drinking coffee and like a patient chess player She was advancing and I was be quietly crushed by the weight of her glance. When it seemed that I would survive this, I slowly stood to wish Her a safe return home but my reflexes to stand were met with a terse “sit down”. When I looked up, She was pulling an envelope out which slid over to my side. Impatient, She said “open it”.
The envelope wasn’t sealed. But it was rigid in the hands and edges of photos peaked out when I opened the flap. The person I saw I fooled myself into not recognizing for he was stripped down, raw, cut to shreds and wore the look of a downward spiral like drug addicts wear on their faces when they looked trapped. When I asked Her what this was about She said “a mouth like that one can’t be wasted.” Then it was Her who was standing now. She said “you will find an address on the back of one of those photos – I expect to see you there in 30 minutes.” “Don’t forget to Bring that pretty mouth of yours,” She added.

I sat there and before I could find a response She was already yards from me, slipping into Her car. The clock was running.
I arrived outside at what looked like a strip mall but it was clearly a motel with stray cars about and a Japanese restaurant serving as a bookend to the evil place. I stood in front of the door with the number 6 at my eye level and thought how easily that even number could turn and become odd. I lifted my hand to knock but the door pulled back from me and I stood, arm raised, before Her. She had a drink in hand and was not alone. Music was playing and the bed behind Her was littered with people who had been talking up until all of their eyes were on me. No introductions were made. She whispered “come in, whore.”

I almost didn’t hear the last word but once I processed it I could feel the electricity in the room change. That word suddenly sent a message that made circles around the room and seemed to say “it is time”.
She had brought girlfriends but they were not on the bed. They were siting on the fringes of the room, sipping drinks, drowning in their own kind of excitement. Giggles seemed to toggle between them. Some had their phones out getting them ready for something they wanted to document. I was connecting the dots.
“Do us a favor whore? Get those clothes off. They could get in the way”. I couldn’t process those words and She seem to appreciate that. I was staring at Her face as She stood before me unbuttoning my shirt. Her eyes on mine and Her hands working to free me of the clothes I had been hiding behind. All of the while, in my periphery, men on the bed were unbuttoning their pants and the sitting on the edge of the bed like they needed to collectively hold the bed covers down. They understood their role as they leaned back on elbows and waited. Meanwhile, She was articulating what my role was in all of this which was becoming more clear as each article of clothing on my body fell from me. In my naked state, She gently grabbed my manhood and looked me in the eye and smiled; “So small, even hard like this.”

Eyes stilled locked on mine, She said, “it’s okay; you won’t need this”. And with my precum on her hand She drew a line on my lips and declared “its this mouth they want.”
“Now crawl” Instinctively I was on the ground crawling, naked, before strangers toward the bed. Her friend’s teased, “warmer…warmer…warmer”. I had enough clarity at this point to determine that there were 4 men and I was expected to crawl to them. All of them were jerking off like I have seen in porn movies where the guys were waiting for their turns with that one woman. This was the twisted version of that scene.
The first was eager as he nearly pulled me over the floor to him. My hair was a makeshift handle and he wasted no time guiding me down on him. He must have had an appointment to go to because he was clearly there to bust a nut and go. In the blink of an eye, my mouth was full of him and he guided the pace with his hands on my head. I could smell that he didn’t like to wash down there too often as there was a sick sweetness to him. As he grunted he kept saying he had a sticky treat for me. Like a teenager who never had sex before he was cumming but he was experienced enough to hold my head down. A river of cum blasted out of him and down my throat and it was met with camera flashes and cheers from the girls observing. Everyone seemed pleased but me.


To Be Continued…

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