Note: This is an excerpt by Miss Laci’s owned slave, named Dobby. No content was altered in any way.  This is Part 3, the conclusion. Enjoy. 
Then it came. She said, “let’s play a game.”
She took out a stopwatch and said “you are going to alternate deepthroating our friends here but the catch is you have to hold it longer each time”. She added, “if you fail, the good news is you get to start again but the bad news is we post the video on xvideos, each time with a letter of your real name. The game stops when each of them cum.”
I didn’t hear “Go” but knew the game was underfoot when a cock found itself buried in my throat. I had hoped to game the system by coming up early but the cock in my mouth wasn’t having any of that. 30 seconds expired before I was up again. Laci announced that 30 was the time to beat.
The next cock entered and was decidedly bigger. I had to close my eyes to concentrate. I was encouraged to taste precum and felt that there was hope that I could “win” this game. However, I came up thinking I passed the last mark but the room let out a sympathetic “awe”.
Laci shook Her head and promptly got busy….”there, posted…with a letter E is it?”
I shook with fear. She noticed. “How many letters to go cunt?” “I would focus cockwhore”, She added.
More cock went in. And with each round of success I was met with more failure and another letter added to the new video. Four deepthroat performances were on the web forever and anyone who watched now knew my first name. Laci felt like it was important to announce that we were now approaching last name territory.
Fear kicked in and with it I earned a sticky treat from one. I averted the first letter of my last name but I still had the larger cock to deal with. I could manage almost a minute with him but he seemed no closer to cumming. He loved pressing my nose against the base of his cock and that didn’t help me from gagging. I held as long as I could but the girls cheers meant the letter of my last name would be hitting the wire.
More success and more failure and it looked like the world would soon know who the stranger was who sucked men for women in a crowded room. Three letters down and 2 to go and I was done for.
I dug deep and tried to drown out the voices of women cheering and even more so the feeling of a man’s ball sack resting on my chin. I could hear the ticks of the stopwatch and I just focused on that. Slowly he filled the spaces in my mouth, and I could sense that all he was holding back was seeking its own kind of mercy. I could feel his balls rise slightly and like a gun cocking back to deliver its bullets I could feel the pulse of cum traveling through the underside of his cock. He lost and in many ways I did too for he held my head down until he was sure all of his seed was deposited deep inside and was never seen again.
Laci looked disappointed. But a smile broke out when she said “4 strange loads went into that mouth.” Humiliation washed over me when the chorus of laughter came from her girlfriends. I felt a sense of calm now but watched with curiousity as Laci got up from the bed, walked across the room, opened the balcony door and stood looking out into the night. All eyes were on Her. She knew it too. She casually turned to look back and said, “I am so proud of you”. And with that her hands released my clothes over the balcony and into the busy street below.

The End.

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