Just got done with an amazing photo-shoot! Despite the dreary weather, it worked out perfectly for Miss Laci’s  outdoor shoot. Weather was mild, woods were peaceful and secluded, and Miss Laci’s hair got wet and sexy. A beautiful little stream ran through the woods, water tricking off of the rocks. A perfect day for a perfect goddess. Your pindicks are twitching and dripping as you imagine all the majestic pictures you can’t wait to see.

Miss Laci went through great lengths to make sure this shoot was memorable. The scene was an hour’s drive out, rain was falling, and she had to traverse over the rocky streams and even climb a steep hillside to get the perfect setup for some of the shots. The amount of time and effort that goes into the creative endeavors of a domme, not to mention the resources, is unimaginable by such small-minded creatures like yourselves. That’s why it’s let known. Support your favorite domme. Tribute often and regularly. A good domme is reinvesting her money back into her projects and advertising, not always shopping or dining on your dime!

A local slave arrived for an extra hand and some more suggestive shots. Just a small taste of the fun you could be having if you were to submit to Miss Laci. Stay tuned for select pictures to come…

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