Miss Laci and Mixtrix have teamed up for 3 brand new clips. Don’t be a pussy and miss out. Your favorite Humiliatrix have released 3 titles including; “Snack Pack (Pudding Feet)”, “We Know Your Dick is Tiny” (SPH), and “Natural Born Cocksucker” (Forced Bi). These clips can be foundĀ HERE

It’s been an honor to work with the Queen of Humiliation, MixTrix. Miss Laci and MixTrix have a natural chemistry and think alike when it comes to telling you losers just how sad and pathetic you are. If you have to purchase only one of these 3 amazing clips, we recommend “Snack Pack” as the funniest, if you enjoy a good messy time, Watch these two make a sticky mess in this splosh clip, and laugh and laugh.

Filming these clips was such a fun time, and it shows on these beautiful faces. Why watch content that feels forced and stiff, when you can see these two dommes at their best, loving what they do?

Keep an eye out for more joint ventures. Big things are on the horizon.

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