This excerpt was written by a slave, for Miss Laci
    Anybody in the fetish/femdom community knows what SPH is, possibly one of the most popular kinks. SPH stands for “small penis humiliation”. It is almost believed that there’s a correlation between the penis size and enjoying this fetish. Any domme that has a decent amount of experience could probably tell that most subs into SPH are on the smaller end. However, even larger males/subs can enjoy the fetish. Surely the percentage is lower, but more endowed subs may enjoy small penis humiliation as well.
    Now the big question we can ask ourselves: Is it really just a ‘kink’ or an acceptance on the sub’s subconscious that this is who HE is and will be part of his lifestyle forever and there will be no way out of it? Depending on which side you’re on (submissive or dominant) and your experiences, you might have a different view. A big portion of the ones who religiously enjoy SPH have been told by ‘vanillas’ that they are smaller than average and/or at the same time rejected. As a male, this develops a fear but with SPH it becomes an acceptance that you simply do not fight, stop crying about it, wear a chastity cage, and get over it. SPH enthusiasts love to expose themselves to whoever they think will have something constructive to say about it because they’ve accepted their place as a ‘smaller’ one which is ironic because bigger penis sizes are always glamorized in porn just as much as in everyday life. From a very early age, guys are taught that the bigger their dicks the manlier they are. (Of course it doesn’t automatically mean that, but in most cases yes). In locker rooms, you have guys that love to see what the others are about and see where they are ranked. For the ones that know they rock a small pecker, it’s hell but as they learn to enjoy the fetish they become less and less embarrassed, especially in the presence of a female.
    Personally, as a SPH lover, I can tell it wasn’t easy at first to get called ‘shrimp dick’, ‘pindick’, ‘clitdick’ and every other term in the glossary that defines a below average dick size. It wasn’t awful either, I’d say it was refreshing, something that made me raise my eyebrow, something that I didn’t think existed. I also believe that every smaller male is submissive, might not know it yet but they have the potential to be, if taught right. I’m no expert of the human brain but I can proudly say that thankfully, 1. with time, 2. by finding Mistress Laci and 3. by learning more about my submissive and inferior side, I’ve learned quite a lot, including to simply be quiet when you’re being reminded of your pathetic size, accept your place, and most importantly, embrace it and demonstrate what a good submissive you can be (still staying at the bottom because that will never change). I’m writing this article for the ones that do not understand the kink, the meaning behind it. Maybe I’v shed some light? After that brief summary, can you see where I’m coming from when I say that SPH is beyond a kink?
    The idea is not to persuade you but to make you understand that for SPH fetishists, it is an important part of their self-identity.
Proudly and gladly written by
slave l
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