This excerpt was written by Miss Laci’s top sissy, “Sweetcheeks”. Content was not altered in any way. 

I have had the pleasure of serving the great Miss Laci over the last couple months and i have not been dissapointed in the process. I am a closet sissy and Miss Laci is taking me places to places i haven’t been yet. Recently i was made to go to the store and buy me a bra and panty set in which i was very nervous doing so. I went and conquered that task very cautiously. This was a task where i was concerned about whether people saw me or not.  The next step was to start wearing panties to work a couple days a week. I have been doing so and i have to say that i am glad i am. It is very nice and also keeps me reminded of my status in my life as the sissy that i truly am and want to be!. Miss Laci is completely breaking me down and building me back up to the way she wants me to be and i am so truly thankful for her!. She is completely amazing and proud to be serving her!




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