Miss Laci is pleased to announce that she will be joining forces with the marvelous Lord Jade, for an exclusive weekend event in Asheville, North Carolina. June-30th to July 2nd, find these Queens of The Bible Belt for a wicked time. Plans include double domme sessions, weekend cashmeets, and Saturday night, a Meet and Greet in a public space. There is talk of some surprise clips to be filmed as well.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Especially the Meet and Greet. Here is your chance to get the “verification” you submissives are constantly whining about. It’s a no-strings-attached opportunity, in a safe space, and you can meet both Miss Laci and Lord Jade at the same time. The only cost you incur is your own admittance into the venue, which will be announced Saturday, July 1st in the morning. Of course, proper manners would be to by these fine ladies a beverage and maybe bring a small token in good faith. Let’s be thoughtful, boys.

To book for Friday evening or Saturday double domme sessions, you will be required to fill out a pre-session kink form, a consent form, and put down half towards a deposit to secure your session time. Contact Miss Laci for the forms. Coming prepared for a session means coming in your submissive state, your best behavior, being of sane mind and not under the influence of any mind-altering substances, and clean and well-groomed. Gifts are always appreciated.

To arrange a cashmeet, contact Miss Laci or Lord Jade. You will be required to pay a deposit in advance, and meet will be in a public space.

Let’s see how Asheville, North Carolina behaves for these two powerful goddesses, shall we?

For more information on Lord Jade: http://missjadescoven.adultcms.co or Twitter:https://twitter.com/m1stressjade

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