What am I like as a findomme? I’ll tell you right now. I am myself. So what the hell does that mean, you ask. Let me tell you. I am logical, calculating, and patient. And I am a Virgo. Virgos tend to be cautious and thoughtful to their approach with finances. So naturally this carries over to how I make choices as a findomme.

I see a lot of things that are not me in other findommes. And to each their own, I have nothing bad to say about how others approach this. I just know that I can’t be something I am not. I made a clip called Findom: Without the Smoke and Mirrors, and I feel like it sums up, in few words, my thoughts.

I don’t flash tributes, and I don’t take pics of things I bought myself and caption it “piggy funded”. I don’t see any reason to make up shit, lies are messy and too much work! It’s no one’s business how much money I have, or how much money I am making. And it’s definitely not subs’ business to know that for sure! I have always been very private about my finances, even my partners are never privy to my accounts.

I am also not a big shopper. I like nice things, of course. But do you know what I really want to do with money? I want to turn it into..more money! I want to make investments, in my business, in myself, in my future. Not buy a bunch of crap that is going to sooner or later break and bust and get worn out.

Another thing I don’t do is ridicule small tributes or publicly shame finsubs who only contribute in small quantities. Money is money. It’s also relative. A sub who humbly sends me the last $10 after he pays his bills is making a huge sacrifice, as compared to the well-to-do sub with plenty of money in the bank who nonchalantly sends me $100 and then expects me to gush and brag.

I like to say, that piggies are stepping stools in my empire. I like to be clear and concise. Now don’t get me wrong, I love gifts, do spoil me. But I am most likely not going to buy handbags and shoes with cash, rather, I am using money to build a great empire for myself. And wouldn’t it feel good to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Give your life some meaning, don’t you think?

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