You are in the backseat of the car, palms sweaty. You look out the window, watching the city slowly break up and disappear and the road gets bumpier. Eventually dust is kicking up behind the vehicle, and this means you are almost there. The lump in your throat won’t seem to pass, and your mouth begins to feel dry.

Miss Laci is nonchalantly blowing cigarette smoke out the window, and the driver, a large white male she calls “Gus”, is humming. You know he is more than just the “driver”. This isn’t the first time you have been escorted in silence to this place. The car pulls into a long drive leading into a grove of trees, and the car stops at the end. Gus comes to the back passenger door and opens it, yanking you by your collar. You don’t need any verbal commands, you get up willingly, why even struggle, it’s pointless. Miss Laci gets out and looks you up and down with disgust. “My boots better not get dirty!” she says, and proceeds to take lead on the little walking trail.

It’s not a long walk, but it’s long enough for your mind to race. You look at her backside as she walks, but as shapely as it is, it doesn’t override your thoughts of how miserable you are about to be. Gus walks behind you, so you are sandwiched in between the two. Miss Laci speaks. “I am going to treat you like a little slutty girl. He’s going to rape your mouth as I take your other hole. Aren’t you excited? Fags like you should be grateful for such an inexperience!” She doesn’t expect a reply, and you don’t give one, just keep walking. When you see the plants with the little yellow clusters of flowers, close to the ground, you know it’s almost time. Miss Laci finds the same spot as last time, two towering tress, that grow upright and proud toward the clear sky. “Here we are. Remember last time? We were here, weren’t we? Yes, yes we were. Here, Gus, get him on his knees right here” as she gestures at a spot near the trees. Miss Laci pulls her harness out of her oversized handbag, and proceeds to mount her tool onto her pelvis. Her black gloves go on, and she impatiently looks at Gus. Gus pokes your collar bone, hard, which is the signal to undress. You take it all of quickly, and make sure to fold it neatly and set it on the ground, even tho your hands are trembling. The sun pokes thru the trees and the radiating warmth is the only bit of joy in this moment. Gus takes the edge of his heavy hand and swiftly taps your calves one by one, which is the signal to drop. You are down on your knees, and the earth is not smooth, you can feel bits of sticks and small rocks digging into your skin. Miss Laci approaches and inspects your naked body, front and back, nodding and thinking. “Get up sissyslut. To the tree”. You fumble up off your knees, and stand facing the redwood.

Miss Laci comes up behind you and breathes down the neck, you can feel the hairs involuntarily rise. “I am going to bend u over like the sissyslut you are, and destroy your man pussy” she says. You don’t need to be told, you know how this works. You place your hands on the largest tree trunk directly in front of you, and spread your legs, bending slightly at the waist. She laughs and you feel her hand on your hips, nails digging into your flesh. There is no hesitation, the force hits you hard and deep, and you let out a gasp for air and squeeze your eyes tight. All of her weight is pushing back and forth into your small frame. The ache in your lower stomach begins, and the the sweat beads and drips off your brow. She’s pumping quick and hard, and has reached a gloved hand around and wrapped it around your tiny excuse of a cock. The milking has begun. Pain starts to dissipate with her strokes, and your muscles relax. It appears there will be no cocksucking today, like there was last time, and no brandishing of any paddles or crops, so maybe this wasn’t such a terrible day after all.

“There you go, see, I knew you were a true slut. It’s so much less painful when you don’t fight it!” You can’t help but feel guilty, as you feel the swelling of your arousal. You know the drill. “Miss Laci. May I please cum?” She motions to Gus, who makes his way in front of you, and he holds out his hand under your pulsing cock. “Cum sissy, let it all out. Every drop. Now!” Miss Laci quickly pulls her hand back from your cock. The tension peaks and the warmth rushes out into Gus’ open hand, your legs shaking and buttocks flexing. You watch the white, sticky mess fling out of yourself, and hit his palm. Miss Laci has stepped back a few paces and crosses her arms and watches. You know to get down on your knees again, and Gus keeps his hand open. Like a dog, you lap the sticky filth until his hand is clean. Miss Laci is grinning. “We are done here. I was kind, wasn’t I, sissy?


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