It happened.

As one can imagine, not every dominatrix, cam girl, sex worker, or online persona wants her identity unveiled. In the least, she wants it done on her terms, on her time. When she’s ready. Life seldom works out exactly to plan, however.

Recently, I had someone from my past decide to take it upon himself to maliciously out me as a dominatrix. No, it was not a former sub or slave. It was an angry man who thought that damaging my personal reputation would make him feel better about himself, that it would bring him satisfaction and revenge. Let us not forget, I am a dominant and strong woman, and this attempt to damage me utterly failed.

In fact, the opposite happened. I am liberated. I am in the light. The less secrets I carry, the more spring to my step. I will not stop pursuing what I am meant to do. My flame can not be snuffed out. I will shine brighter, I will work harder, and I own my truth.

Had this not happened, I would have chosen a different time to reveal to myself. But I refuse to say something was taken from me. No one can take your power if you do not give it away. In BDSM, we engage in consensual power exchange. This is entirely different. Submissives are choosing to overturn their power to a dominant. This a psycho-sexual act, a kink, an element of fetish. Regardless of some of the things you may hear or read, if you choose to end the power exchange, that is a basic right you have. Any dominant who refuses to acknowledge your open communication regarding your right to terminate a power exchange agreement is in the wrong, and quite frankly, needs more BDSM education, in my opinion.

True power lies in not the events that occur in life, but rather how you handle them. And I am standing tall, head held high, and I own my truth.

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