Dobby is perhaps a simpleton. I rarely have to say a thing and merely have to wait patiently for him to present on a silver platter the most diabolical of ideas. I wait and with the certainty of sunrise the fraction of a man gives me the desire of twisted delight.

So one fine morning, without prompt, the desperate fool creeps into my Skype and you can almost smell the hunger coming through my device. He is armed with a good one, I can sense it and all I have to do is wait. Past the pleasantries of how are yous, he makes polite but directed inquiries about who I am fucking and whether I use condoms and WHAT I do with said condoms. I know where the sick fuck is going with this but I want him to dig his grave.
Dobby asks if it would be meaningful to me if I were to send one of those thick glutinous filled treats his way and what am I supposed to say? Well of course it would be meaningful but I torture the cum vessel that is Dobby with the question, “why on earth would I do that?”
I am going to make him say it and he twists with the task of having to explain himself.
He goes on to say that maybe “I could put the used condom on my tongue and let it roll about as you look on”? How delicate of Dobby, directing matters like he is the one who decides how my sweet lover’s discarded cum should be handled. But I listen quietly. I am amused by him and how he invariably tries to top from the bottom. I tolerate it because I always get my way and I love unhappy endings for cum starved whores like Dobby.

I tell him it is a wonderful idea.
One of the best parts happens next…I tell him let’s not waste time, give your address and we can get this private nightmare started for him.
Minutes go by.
Pregnant pause extraordinaire.
He didn’t think this one out I thought.
I chimed in again, “I am waiting”.
I will give Dobby credit. He listens, so across the wire the weakling gives his address.
He is quiet still. So I deliver more pain his way, “full name Dobby”
“We need to make sure this is properly delivered.”
More pauses.
Unbeknownst to him, moments from this point forward I would own the cum-gargling mouth hole. And like delicate clockwork, he told me all that I needed to know to be amused indefinitely by this waste of a penis. I would have, if I wanted, a delicious man mouth for hire.
I joked how I could already see what his house looked like on google and that it is within the realm of possibility to just pay a visit at his home if I felt like it.
More quiet.
I then told him that a package would be mailed tomorrow and that I fully expected him to NOT open it and contact me upon receipt. I then left him hanging there as I disappeared from Skype to get a good fucking going.
I needn’t describe how much cum I harvested in that condom but it is safe to say that it was maximized beyond its recommend dosage. I tied it off, secured it with care so that Dobby would have something relatively fresh in his mailbox.
And then I waited.

I was working out at the gym when I got word from Dobby. I told him to wait one moment, naked, and proceeded to go to my car so we could see what the future held for that special someone I now knew so much about. I would take the call on my phone via Skype.
Once in my car, I was greeted by Dobby who looked different. Defeated almost. He made mistakes and he knew it and he trembled visibly by the uncertainty of this moment.
Pointedly, I instructed him to open his package. I wasn’t going to make this a honeymoon – it was time to get busy.
Inside revealed familiar contents. Deja vu.
But the eyes of the recipient appeared to be under the weight of something new and life changing. I told him it may make sense to take it out of the zip locked baggie. We need to get a good look.
Yep. That was a condom alright. It was collapsed around the now clear somewhat frothy liquid inside. I asked him if he had any ideas as to what was inside.
Cum, he uttered.
That is correct Dobby! I exclaimed.
That makes you a winner, I added.
I then told him that he should let it rest on his face for a spell.
When he did so, you could see his gayness ooze out. His eyes closed like he was intoxicated.
To break his spell, I affectionately called him by his real name and you could witness the trembling resurface. Such delights.
Look at me, I said.
Look at me, I repeated.
The condom dangled there like a brand. And the camera on my phone couldn’t get enough. With each audible click, you could see it course through Dobby like the earth was moving violently beneath him.
I am a busy woman so it was time to teach the cunt a lesson…
Open the condom Dobby, I instructed.
More silence.
I then said his real name, repeating the same instruction. Dobby then gingerly worked at the knot on the condom. Once the opening was made available to him, he looked up and I just nodded.
He paused again.
Eyes fixed on me
His tongue slowly exited his mouth and slid reluctantly inside the opening of the soiled condom.
When it retreated back to his mouth, I could see the clear strand of semen stretch from the safety of its home and holding for dear life on Dobby’s tongue. Someone was finally the cum whore he thought he was.
I personally was in disbelief – but touched by the pathetic cum licker’s loyalty.
I dismissed the slut the moment I got my money shot of the whore which I have since shared with friends and strangers alike. Who knows, maybe Dobby has a future after all.

The End.

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