First impressions, right?

Here’s your chance to get on Mistress Laci’s good side. What does a proper introductory email look like? Prior to initiating contact, you should have done some research as to who Miss Laci is, her interests, and have a good idea as to why you wish to serve her. Here are some key components, spelled out for you, to start the process of booking for a session.

1.) Brief personal introduction. Who are you, what is your experience with domination, where did you find Miss Laci?

2.) LOCATION. I can’t stress this enough. Miss Laci travels to various cities and states. Which city are you looking to serve in?

3.) Several dates and time windows. We now know where you want to session. Assuming you paid attention, you have a range of days Miss Laci will be in your city. Offer a few suggestions in order of preference

4.) Kinks/Interests and Hard Limits. Kind of important. Again, hopefully you have researched and have a pretty good idea of what activities Miss Laci enjoys. With any luck, some of your kinks will align with hers and a session can be planned accordingly

Be prepared to put down a deposit. This will vary based on session type and length, and is a measure of good faith that you will keep your booking. Should something arise, the sooner you can provide notice to cancel, the better. Deposits are generally not refundable, but this is always at Miss Laci’s discretion. Miss Laci may roll over the deposit towards a future session should she choose to.

Be courteous, use proper nomenclature, and be patient! As a word of caution, asking for illegal activity will shut down your chances at a reply.

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