Something that comes up a lot is the request for both golden showers and brown showers.┬áThere is a lot of misunderstanding regarding forced consumption and toilet training. Let’s clear some things up, if you are considering it.

First of all. Not for the faint of heart, as one may imagine. You have some desire to have a goddess use you like a toilet, either because you feel it is the ultimate submission in your mind, or you enjoy the humiliation aspect of the act in itself, or maybe it’s an erotic fantasy. Maybe a little of all three. Understand if you have never experienced it before, you will be nervous, excited, shocked, maybe even disgusted but your curiosity compels you to take that leap.

The logistics of showers dictate that this is a session with ample planning. Mistress has to prepare and usually she has her own schedule for brown, in particular. Asking for brown showers means planning an early morning appointment, and being on time as possible. It means you are going to need a shower and so you should prepare for that to be included in the booked session time. More than likely, the showers will take place early into the session, as Mistress has been holding it prior to the time you show up. There will be cleanup, and you will be expected to do that work.

Being very clear as to the extent to which you take this is important. Some subs want urine or scat to actually enter and run out of their mouth, some want to be forced to eat it as if it were food, and others simply want it on their person and not near their face or mouth at all. These specifications need to be talked about long before session day. It also is important that you go into the experience with no expectations. As it is an organic process, it is impossible for Mistress to guarantee any particular quantity, color, texture, or odor.

Showers always dictate a higher session fee, for the obvious reasons. Not only is it messy and requires extra planning and cleanup, but you are subjecting the area of session to be unusable for a duration after to air out. It is also considered a more extreme fetish and the tribute reflects this.

If this is something you are seriously considering, it can be done, but remember that your reaction may not be what you expect. You may find you love it, or you may decide it just isn’t for you after your first experience.


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