Miss Laci was traveling again. As selfish as I am, I want to spend time with her, but she had other subs who craved her and she rarely has time for needy boys, let alone subs. The nature of her work makes the realm of fantasy wider and with it, pathetic requests that frankly only she can make happen. She has told me countless time that craving cock is not uncommon for weak men and, while I was conceivably the most pathetic of cock lovers, I was not alone in seeking a full mouth. She is thoughtful however and clearly has her subs in mind at all times so when her plans had her descending on the East Coast, she relayed instructions to me to rent a car and wait in the short term parking deck of the airport.

Her instructions were clear. I was to leave all of my clothes in the trunk and leave the doors unlocked as I wait in the back seat. She told me specifically that the only word I could utter was “yes” no matter the circumstances. Lastly, she insisted that all windows be open. I knew not to ask any questions – she always dictates the beginning and end of things and my role was minimal in that department.

Once I parked the car, I made sure that there where no other cars left and right of me. I predicted Miss Laci would express disappointment that the view of the car was eclipsed any bit. I made sure I got there early because I know it would be a challenge removing my clothes and then exiting the vehicle to lock them in the trunk. The pavement under my bare feet was course and reminded me how exposed I was in the echo of the parking deck. There was a chill in the air and so I had additional motivation to get this task done and get back in the car.

I sat in the back for hours, as the lot around me began to slowly fill. Other than the sound of cars moving in and out, the silence and boredom was only broken by the ringing of my cellphone. Miss Laci was on the line: “I trust you are in place?”, she inquired but we both knew this was a rhetorical question. “Yes”, I dutifully replied. She went on about how her flight was delayed but fully expected me to wait where I was and remember her instructions until she was there to collect me. “Do you understand?”, she pressed. “Yes”, I uttered again.

The hum of planes took over until I detected the sound of footsteps in the distance. They increased in volume, slow but deliberate, like business needed to be done. I kept still but that didn’t change the direction of the footsteps nor influence them to continue past the car. The sound gave way to silence once they were behind me and then they moved like stereo in my ear to the right side. The door handle clicked without resistance and within moments I sat opposite a business man who held a cell phone to his ear.

He didn’t look up. He was focused on the call. He occasionally expressed disbelief in his voice at what he heard but he seemed pleased all the same.
He then took the cell phone and set it precariously on the ledge by the back window so he would not lose his call. With his hands free, he placed them on his lap and turned to me: “I have learned you like to suck dick, is this true?” Is we where this was going as I reflexively said “Yes.”
He raised his eyebrows. “So truthful, I was told you provide short but honest responses.”
“Tell me slut, do you want to bury you face in my lap and hunt for my cock?”
“Yes”, I uttered.
With that he put his hand on my head and pushed me down. My hands struggled with his belt but he provided no assistance. He wanted me to find what was hidden all on my own. His zipper was equally uncooperative as I had to lift his trousers over the bulge that formed inside. He must have known this was the picture of his morning because he had no underwear and the moment his zipper docked to it’s utmost open position his dick swung out searching the new found air around it.
“Are you going to deepthroat me whore?”, he gasped. He was eager now as he could feel my breath on him and his cock hunted for my mouth as well.
“Yes”, I replied.
He must have wanted his cock shrouded in flesh because he guided me down like he was sliding a sock over his entire cock. It popped in and he held me down. Slowly he administer force down because he could feel me pull back. “None of that bitch, sit tight”.
The gagging came in waves and between the breaks of that sound I could hear the familiar snickers of a woman’s voice on the stranger’s cellphone.
He must have had an idea of how long he liked me smashed tight against the base of his cock because his cock pulsed inside my throat like it wanted to live in there.
He then said, “This feels so good -it is a shame I have a flight to catch”. I thought this meant it was over yet I continued to remain locked onto his shaft. This was his fetish as over the course of minutes, with little movement, patient leaks of precum turned into quite moans and without warning his cock pulled back like a revolver and delivered a lava like cream into my throat. He gasped again and pressed me down further. My saliva streamed down by now and dressed his balls in a slick finished that mirrored a distorted image of my face.
As he pulled me off, he asked “You are going to clean all the cum off right? I have a meeting to be ready for”. I complied with a “Yes”.
Miss Laci asked to speak with me and chuckled she would be there soon. And with that, the stranger threw a $10 on the seat and was gone.

Over the next two hours, this was the cadence. Strangers arrived, asked questions and I said yes. Some put their phones where the other did, others filmed or FaceTimed with another party who I suspect was Miss Laci.
Most preferred blowjobs but some had me put my head out the window as they fucked me from behind, others had me get out of the car and kneel open door as they jerked off onto my face.
Nearly 5 strangers emptied into or on me before Miss Laci arrived.
She too sat in the back with me and looked at me like the hot mess I was. She made me sit with her as we reviewed her recordings of me satisfying others. She clearly saw me in a new light: “imagine if your wife saw this side of you?”
“I can make you do anything, things she can’t”
“Yes,” I replied.
She looked at me and said “you really need to get cleaned up”. She handed me a brown bag and then said she needed the keys to the car. I complied. Then she said, “get out”.
She looked at me again, ignored my confused look, and said “get the fuck out”.
Brown paper bag in hand, she pulled away and I stood stunned and naked in the parking deck. I rushed to look in the bag only to find fuzzy slippers and what looked like short sun dress.

Inside the bag was one more thing, a note, in her handwriting: “get home safely whore and remember, always say yes”. I knew then ‘getting home’ would be more complicated than what I did in the safety of that car.

The End

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