The first excerpt in a creative writing erotica by a sub, Pervyworm. No content has been altered from original submission.


My house was at the end of a street next to a huge parking lot. The closest house to me was a huge 2 story house. I lived in my house basically my whole life. The neighbors, The Fuentes family consisted of A mother and two daughters, who were close to my age, but still older. The matriarch of the Fuentes family was a woman named Roxanne Fuentes. She was a heavy smoker. She was quite beautiful, though. Her face was strong and defined. She always kept her make-up immaculate. The thing that attracted me to her at such a young age was her tattoos. They were in the most strategic of places. One on her shoulder, of her husbands name, who was incarcerated. Two on her calves of half moons. But my favorite was the one  on her chest. It was a huge set of wings and in the center of that, a crown. No not a crown, a tiara. It was her oldest and most faded tattoo and it was what shot me into manhood when I learned about pocket billiards. She had a way she carried herself that screamed stern and dominant. You just didn’t fuck with her.
She always had her daughter’s cooking and cleaning around the house for her. I would hear her shouting at them every morning to get up for school. The daughters, Liz and Jeanette took up their moms skill to bark orders as they always came up with the street games the kids would play each afternoon growing up.
The parking lot belonged to an adult learning center, where Roxanne worked and before she started her shift she would chain smoke several cigarettes outside in the parking lot. I know this because from 1st grade to senior year I walked past the school getting to Elementary, then Middle and eventually High school. My attendance was perfect, along with Mrs. Fuentes’ habit. Every morning, I would get comments from her when I was young, “Hey, **** you excited for your first day of school?”, “All the girls are going to be chasing you down, handsome.” She was nice to my family because we would occasionally babysit her kids when she went to the casinos some weekends. (Stories there as well) I never thought twice about how she felt about me, the kid-neighbor. Then the comments matured as I did. ” ****,  Look at those shoulders, so strapping. You look so cute with that peach fuzz.” Her smoking struck me so clearly in the face that I assumed the wind picked it up and blew it in my face, but the way she looked at me I knew it was on purpose. I coughed hoping she would take the hint and not do it again, but then something peculiar began to happen.
One day I walked by the school in the morning and she was waiting with her morning smoke. I began to pick up my pace hoping to avoid her but she walked a few steps in the sidewalk, blocking me. I tried to walk around her, but she stopped me. I laughed and muttered my good mornings, but she cut me off. “That’s all you have to say to me?” She took a long drag and as I tried to come up with an excuse, she inhaled deeply and blew her smoke directly into my face. I stopped talking and she took another drag and inhaled deeply, annoyed. “****, You see me every morning, say good morning, and you just walk to school. That’s so rude.” I stood silent, not knowing what to say, treading lightly and obviously flustered.
I wait for her to have her say, and she blows another cloud of nicotine into my face. “You see me shivering out here with my cigarette and you’ve never offered me a warm treat. Hold out your hand.” I put my hand out, and as she put her cigarette in her mouth it hung off the corner of her lips, burgundy with darker red outline. She flipped my hand over and smacked it. Like I was a naughty child. I never felt so humiliated than I did in that moment. It must have shown, because Mrs. Fuentes let out a smug chuckle. “Bring me coffee next time, BooBoo.”
I begged my parents to drive me to school that next day when I got home, but they said no. Their reasoning was that I walked since I was 7, and each school was only a 5-minte walk from our house. I was in my sophomore year in high school and it would be stupid to start driving me now. Besides, my licence test was coming up. I was pacing in my room all afternoon, afraid to leave my room. I admit I looked up online, “how to make coffee”, since I knew I couldn’t show up tomorrow morning without her request. No, her demand. I resolved that I would simply get up early and walk the longer way to school. It would take me longer, but at least I’d arrive to school with my dignity and avoid another humiliation from Mrs. Fuentes
I got up at 6 am, the sun was barely up, as I creaked my front door open. I looked next door to see if Mrs. Fuentes was up and moving inside, but all the lights were off, save the porch light. I breathed a sigh of relief and reached for my keys, when I saw the porch light go off.
I only had a few moments before I’d get Mrs. Fuentes before her cigarettes. I knew she was a bit cruel with her nicotine fix, I didn’t want to see her without it! I quickly began to fumble for the lock with my key, looking like a horror movie when the oldest Fuentes daughter, Liz opened the door. She was getting the newspaper for Mrs. Fuentes, I already knew. We said our good mornings, and as I jogged to the sidewalk (I admit I more ran), she stopped me and asked me for some coffee, since they ran out. I said we didn’t have any and began to head the other way on the sidewalk. She asks me where I’m going and I say to school. I bet I looked strange walking literally the opposite way as the school, because she didn’t say anything else and strode directly inside. Would she tell Mrs. Fuentes what I was doing to get out of chores? Did she even care?
I didn’t care and kept walking. Before long, I was all alone on the road, thinking to myself. I was being silly. This woman was my neighbor, she’s known me all my life and was probably genuinely concerned with my neighborly negligence. She may have had a weird way of showing it, but she cared about me.
I went to school and tried to put my mind on other things, but my thoughts always went to Mrs. Fuentes. Was she waiting for me this morning? Was she pissed off? Would she expect coffee tomorrow? Would I have to take this detour path until I go to college? That was 2 whole years away, so I knew I could bear it if I needed to.
On my way home, I went the same way I always do, albeit taking my time and after procrastinating with my friends after school. I knew Mrs. Fuentes would be home by this time and I wouldn’t have to risk seeing her again until I had to risk Liz again in the morning. My mom was bringing in groceries and asked for my help. She then tossed me a bag of coffee grounds and told me to bring it next door to Mrs. Fuentes. I stopped dead in my tracks. I drop the coffee and my mom doesn’t blink. She walks inside with the groceries, completely oblivious to my plight. I turn to the house that would be my undoing. It seemed much more ominous than before. I picked up the grounds, trembling knowing my reckoning waited for me with who knows what kind of humiliations….
End part 1
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