Watersports and especially hardsports require planning and careful thought. Have you been wanting to try one of the more extreme taboos? Or are you an experienced toilet training slave, seeking the scat of a healthy and strong dominant woman?

Tucked discretely in a rural town in East Tennessee, Miss Laci selectively offers full toileting sessions for submissives willing to prove their worth. Your need to be degraded and worship will drive you to seek out the champagne and cavier, a rare treat for the truly devoted.

A morning session may be your fancy, or possibly an overnight stay in the dungeon is what you seek. Imagine waking up to a fresh load of scat and golden shower, still warm and fresh. All day you are used as Miss Laci’s toilet, your tongue her toilet paper and your face her throne. What a gift that would be, an experience you would never forget.

Stop fantasizing and start making your filthiest dreams transpire…

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