This is erotica written by Dobby. The content has not been altered in any way.

Here we go again. I am barely rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and Dobby is peering his virtual head into my Twitter account.

His wife continues to ignore his ass so he is fantasizing about anything that will pay attention to his exceptionally small penis. Candidates include a reluctant pillow, a course rug, and if the fucker was flexible enough his hungry hole of a mouth. You gotta love the spirit of this tool of a man. I utter simple instructions, even just a word like “panties”, and any semblance of intelligence gets deferred to the decision making of his dick. I could literally make him do anything this morning.

I take my time shaking the morning off of me and think what the realm of possibility could be. Let’s not forget that he had my lover’s dirty condom on his face, has sucked naked in a field in the presence of my friends, has deep-throated his dildo face forward for me and Mixtrix while we had our car parked, and on and on it goes.

When Dobby finally appears he is the most eager of sluts out there that I nearly forget he has a cock – he stands before me, a wreck of an individual, wearing yellow lace panties that belong on a stick of a girl and not a hairy over-sized cock whore. I waste no time drawing his attention to how ridiculous he looks. It is funny really because in the beginning I was gentle with him and then slowly I turned the screws in him. I managed to not only reduce him to the point he questions his own worth but I have proof he will always come back no matter how much I pulverize the little manhood he had left.

I flatly tell him he has some dry humping to do so I direct him to the bed, tell him to keep his panties on, and get busy fucking the pillow. Not a second goes by and he is mounted like a dog humping his pillow. I remind him of what I already know: this is the only fucking he ever does.To celebrate this fact, I tell him he is not fucking hard or fast enough. Suddenly I feel like I am watching a film in fast forward motion because he humps with vigor.

When I get bored with that, I directed him to pull his panties down but only half way so he is reminded that he will always be a girl in my eyes. Dobby is so hard but you wouldn’t even know it. How the hell did he ever find a mate with that thing? I wreck him further by telling him to gently rub the head of his cock on the pillow. He moans like a prude at the prom getting fingered for the first time. Frankly, I am sick of this fucker sometimes which explains what happens next: off with the panties I say. They belong on your face. Like a soldier, he knows to do as I say and he moves even faster when I say he needs to face me for some full on pillow fucking. I sincerely thought I would run out of disk space capturing those pictures. I have got to hand it to him, he really knows how to make love to bedding and clearly was on his way to impregnating his first throw pillow. But there is nothing to see there of course. I want evidence.

I instruct him to get in the Loser Position. I have never ever, I mean ever, explained what this means but Dobby then proceeds to position his legs in the air against the headboard so that his cock is above his head. Dobby is a fucking mind reader because this is indeed a loser position. He knew the drill. He was going to deliver some thick seed where it downright belongs. I can’t even count the amount of times he opened his mouth for these thick gifts. It didn’t take him long. He could hear my voice edging him further. In any minute, it would cascade like an ice cream icicle into his open hungry trap. Just the way I am sure his wife gets her treats from her lover. I always like to see this because he can’t even cum correctly – those manly blasts real men always give. No, he cums like he is teasing himself, wishing it never ends so it leaches down to him so he doesn’t miss the drama of cum entering his own mouth.

Just wait until i have a real man ram his load into him. It will make his eyes roll back from the pressure.

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