Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Is my session, payment information, and identity safe?

A: Your information is always protected. Any published photos or names you see here are with clear consent, and face are cropped out or edited for anonymity at client’s request.

Q: I am new to this. Where do I begin?

A: Read everything you can on this website. Read the blogs. Research Miss Laci. Look over her Twitter accounts. Learn what she is and is not about.

Q: I don’t know if I want to serve long-term. Can I do a one time session to see if this is for me?

A: Yes. At Miss Laci’s discretion.

Q: But Miss Laci, my old mistress did/did not do this or that…

A: Miss Laci doesn’t care. Her web, her rules. If you don’t like it, leave.

Q: But what about blackmail? I see you do that…

A: Blackmail fantasy is a fetish that some clients enjoy. It is not a mandatory fetish to participate in. It is only practiced when it has been agreed upon by both parties prior to initiating.

Should you be interested in proceeding, a contract will need to be purchased and submitted. If accepted, agreed upon terms will be enforced.

Q: How do I approach and address the goddess?

A: Always with respect, humility, honesty. Address as Miss, Mistress, Goddess.

Q: I am new to this, does Miss Laci offer slave training?

A: Yes. Miss Laci offers full slave training, chastity keyholding, sissification, and many other options for a new submissive to learn.



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