Q: How do I set-up a Real Time Session?

A: Contact Miss Laci via email. Important information to mention includes your location, type of session, whether you prefer single or double domme, a date and time range that you prefer, and distance you are willing to travel.

Email communication should be to the point, articulate, and informative. Should you require a more in-depth conversation, a consultation can be arranged. A consult phone line number will be provided at Miss Laci’s discretion.

Q: Then what happens?

A: Miss Laci will contact you to discuss details. You will be asked to make a deposit to hold the session time and date.

Q: How do I make a deposit? How much? And why do I have to?

A: Miss Laci has many requests she spends time answering, and doesn’t have the time to deal with those who are not serious. A deposit shows that you are invested in proceeding, and that Miss Laci won’t be wasting her time. Details to send will be discussed via email.

Q: How do I know I won’t be ripped off?

A: It’s a small world. Rip-off artists don’t last long. Miss Laci is a Humiliatrix with a reputable name, and can be found on Twitter, FetLife, and numerous dominatrix listings, including Dickie Virgin. She is also verified on several cam sites.

Q: Can I have two dommes at the same time?

A: Yes! Double Domme is an amazing experience. Ask about arranging this. Advance arrangement is neccesary.

Q: Where can sessions occur?

A: Miss Laci is in the East Tennessee area, there are a number of areas she will be available in. She is willing to travel, provided you cover all travel expenses upfront, on top of session cost. Upcoming travel events are usually posted in advance on the main page.

Q: Can you come to my house for the session?

A: If you have never had a session with Miss Laci, you will be required to arrive at location of Miss Laci’s choice, for safety reasons. At this time, there is no dungeon available, a hotel room will be used. If you have had sessions with Miss Laci, in-home sessions can be discussed.

Q: What can I expect in a session?

A: Details leading up to session time will be discussed in depth. You always have the option to express concerns, ask questions, and provide information that allows Miss Laci to provide you the experience you are seeking.

Q: Is there sex involved?

A: NEVER. This is femdom. There will never be penetration, oral copulation, or any other sex acts. Any requests asking for such will be ignored and unanswered. Do not ask Miss Laci to engage in any illegal activites, ever!

Q: What does Miss Laci wear? Will I get to see her naked?

A: Contrary to the pop culture depiction of BDSM, not all dommes wear this. Miss Laci dresses appropriately for each session, which means she dresses for comfort, safety, and mobility to ensure the best time. For a heel or boot fetish session of course Miss Laci will naturally wear heels or boots.  Extra special wardrobe requests can be accommodated provided you are willing to gift it.  And no, Miss Laci will never be naked for a session.

Q: Can I bring alcohol or other substances?

A: No. You need to be lucid and of right mind for a session, and, to consent.

Q: What can I do prior to session to be prepared?

A: Ask any questions and discuss any concerns you have via email communication. Research Miss Laci so you have an idea of the domme you are about to meet. Make sure you are bathed, well-groomed, and are not high or drunk upon arriving. Bring your best manners. A small gift is always appreciated, but not required. Read the About Miss page on this site.

Q: Is my identity and information safe?

A: Always! Discretion and privacy are paramount. You MAY  be asked personal questions before session. These answers will always remain private. You may be asked to furnish refrences or an ID for safety. 

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